About (Stu)

The Project Management College of Scheduling

Incorporated November 6, 2013

The Project Management College of Scheduling is a dynamic organization of professionals dedicated to advancing the practice and profession of project planning and scheduling through promoting the expectation and implementation of accurate, ethical schedules throughout the World.

The College will provide a forum for Professionals to promote excellence in planning and scheduling through networking, sharing project experiences, providing and receiving training, and providing support and encouragement for the ongoing development of a body of knowledge in the areas of planning and scheduling.

This will be accomplished by conducting public discussion groups or seminars, forums, panels, lectures and other similar programs.

2 Responses to About (Stu)

  1. Phil Apprill says:

    Keep me on the mailing list, I am glad to see COS returning to the scene.

  2. Charlene Thompson says:

    Wow, sorry that I missed the re-emergence of the College of Scheduling until now. Definitely will stay tuned in.

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